quarta-feira, 28 de maio de 2014


scribe Valdemir

Thailand was suffering a wave of protest that was putting in danger the former monarchy of the House of Chakri , whose king is that the longer in power since 1946 . Prayuth The General , with the support of the King took office and has asked citizens to stop the demonstrations and acts of violence on the street, and even gave an ultimatum : " yOU WANNA GO BACK TO OLD TIMES ? " . Thailand has a General Iron to restore order, but this turd of Brazil , only has a Brazilian : WITH GOD . One man does nothing ... General Augusto Helenus is a chickenshit ( pre - candidate for president ) . The shysters can not contain disturbances and will not kill the criminals Brazilian mass . My prediction is grim ..... In a decade , you who are reading this my post will likely be killed with a shot given by a burglar , or will have lost a relative, a victim of robbery . But ... will continue to call me biased ... This ... fight for the rehabilitation of criminals ... After all Jesus loves everyone ..... I FIGHT FOR THE VICTIMS resocialization , WHO HAVE LOST THEIR PROPERTY AND THEIR FAMILIES . Criminals without feelings , it remains for me the solace of belief ETERNAL HELL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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